No cash on campus

Contrary to previous assertions by the university, the cash points that were housed in the old Natwest building are no longer available for students’ use, despite the university’s intentions to have working cash points in the building for the beginning of term. The only alternative on campus is the pay-per-withdrawl machine in Medicine, leaving many students inconvenienced.

The university can confirm that another branch will be taking over the building that previously housed Natwest. However, as the arrangements for this are yet to be finalised, the earliest we can expect it to open is the end of January. Until mid-term, students will need to manage on cashback and the facilities in Egham for cash withdrawals. In the mean time, the university is encouraging students to make use of their RCS cards and the online top-up system as these are accepted at most venues on campus. In addition, The Store on Campus is now accepting debit and credit card payments on purchases over £3.

As well as a new branch on campus, there are also plans to build a free withdrawal cash point outside of the Students’ Union main building, to the right of the main doors, which should be completed and operational by the beginning of February.

For those who specifically use the popular Natwest Student Account, there are Natwest branches in both Egham and Staines, while most other banks also have branches easily reached on foot, or by train, in and around Egham.

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