LSE Students accused of anti-Semitic violence

A group of students from the London School of Economics (LSE) are facing disciplinary action after a video appeared on Facebook showing them playing an anti-Semitic drinking game and making racist comments, which led to violence.

The incident took place on the Athletics Union’s trip to Val D’iserre, France, in December. The game involved arranging cards on the table in the shape of a Swastika and required participants to “Salute the Fuhrer.” After making a complaint about the offensive nature of the game, a fight ensued in which a Jewish student sustained a broken nose. The anonymous victim said: “I’ve seen this kind of game before, so it wasn’t so much the game that offended me, as much as the anti-Semitic gibes that went with it.”

The LSE Students’ Union and the Athletics Union have both condemned those that took part. President of the LSE Jewish Society, Jay Stoll, said: “LSE Students’ Union Jewish Society (J-Soc) and the Union of Jewish Students (UJS) are appalled by a reported anti-Semitic assault that occurred after a Jewish student objected to a Nazi-themed drinking game that was being played by his fellow students on a recent LSE Ski Trip in France. Nazi glorification and anti-Semitism have no place in our universities, which should remain safe spaces for all students.”

This is not the first anti-Semitic incident to occur in British universities. In 2010 the University of Huddersfield investigated claims that two of its students created a Nazi-themed drinking game for which they a Facebook page. Also, last November, four senior members of the Oxford University Conservative Association had to resign after its members were accused of anti-Semitic behaviour, such as singing a Nazi-related song.

LSE has yet to announce the fate of the anti-Semitic antagonists, but has asserted that disciplinary action will include an educational element along with any punitive actions.

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