Confusion over Insanity’s FM status

It has been alleged that, on Monday 9th January, the Insanity Board passed a motion deciding that they were not going to pursue their FM licence, citing a lack of support from both the college and the SU in completing the application. In addition, Ofcom becoming much more stringent and opening up Insanity to fines was thought to be a reason for the decision.

Monday’s regular Board Meeting had the issue of the FM licence put on the agenda and, following a four hour discussion, a vote was taken and the Board voted not to take the FM licence further.

At the following General Meeting on Tuesday, the Station Manager, Gunanika Singh, formally resigned, making David Lamb the new Manager.

However, Insanity have denied that there was a definite ‘no’ vote regarding the FM licence, stating: “Insanity Radio would like to make it perfectly clear that it fully intends to continue pursuing its FM licence…Discussions regarding Insanity’s efforts to become Community FM station were raised in the Production Board meeting of Monday 9th January 2012, however, despite rumours to the contrary, no final decision not to move onto FM was made at that time…It was suggested in the General Meeting that the Production Board had voted on a final decision to surrender its Community FM licence. This was not, and is not, the case. We would like to reassure all concerned that Insanity intends to continue working towards Community FM and is looking forward to moving to our new frequency of 103.2FM in the very near future.”

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