Back Gate debate continues

There have been new developments in the ongoing back gate saga. Residents in Egham have written to the Mayor of Runnymede calling for support for action to be taken to tackle noisy, disruptive behaviour, caused, they claim, by Royal Holloway students.

The latest demand came after residents of Lynwood Avenue found that their car wing mirrors were vandalised in the early hours of Sunday 23rd October. Although the back gate is closed by 00:45hrs on Sunday morning, students are the prime suspects.

Wendy Holmes, Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator for Lynwood Avenue, wrote to Councillor David Parr requesting that the metal gate at the back of campus, which has been in operation since 1970 and provides access to Spring Rise and Lynwood Avenue, be permanently closed. The gate provides access for both staff and students during the day and is currently closed by 00:45hrs on Friday and Saturday nights whilst  23:15hrs all other evenings. These times were revised and reduced in the 2006-7 academic year and since then noise complaints have dramatically decreased. However, residents remain disatisfied and the issue was one again raised in a recent community meeting.

The university maintains that there is no solid proof that the noise or recent acts of vandalism have been caused by Royal Holloway students.

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