Top Five Favourite Albums

I want to introduce a new column in the music section that anyone can contribute to. It’s simple –  list your five favourite albums and say in 50 words or less why you like each one.  Then to cap it off, tell us a bit about yourself in another 50 words.  For example, here’s mine:

  1. Wish You Were Here (1975) by Pink Floyd – At eighteen, I was on a sailing cruise. Another crew member lent me his walkman (in 1985!) with this album to see me through my spell as watchman on the nightshift. The ambient feel was a perfect accompaniment to the calm Irish Sea. It’s been my favourite album ever since.
  2. Songs for the Deaf (2002) by Queens of the Stone Age. I heard ‘No One Knows’ on Later with Jools Holland and was blown away by it. The album didn’t disappoint with its experimental melodic hard rock sound, and it kept me going through many a gym session before I discovered MP3 players. Not a duff track on it.
  3. From a Basement on the Hill (2004) by Elliott Smith. Released after Smith’s still unexplained and controversial death by stab wounds to the chest earlier that year. I came across a track, ‘Memory Lane’  on Uncut Magazine’s best of year compilation CD. Generally regarded as one of Smith’s minor works, it remains my favourite album of his, despite stiff competition.
  4. Franks Wild Years (1987) by Tom Waits. Waits is my favourite musician (see album review in last issue). This is the last album of the trilogy that introduced me to Waits, and resonates the most because I saw the accompanying tour in 1987. Includes the original ‘Way down in the Hole,’ the theme song to The Wire.
  5. West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum (2009) By Kasabian. I first listened to this riffy electro-rock album as it was on the 2009 Mercury Prize shortlist. I had previously heard bits and pieces and saw them at Glastonbury and had never been particularly impressed by them, but this album changed my mind. It should have won the Prize.

Send your ‘Favourite albums’ articles to me at music@the, the best ones will be published. You don’t have to restrict yourself to rock, pop or urban music, other genres will add variety. I would also welcome Five Favourite Songs or Gigs articles too.

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