Live Review: Revival Tour – Cardiff Students Union – 16 October

The Revival Tour 2011 descended on Cardiff for a night of acoustic music, performed by musicians from arguably some of America’s best contemporary punk bands. Described as an ‘acoustic collaborative event”, the Revival Tour brings together organiser Chuck Ragan (Hot Water music) with Dave Hause (The Loved Ones), Dan Andriano (Alkaline Trio) and Brian Fallon (The Gaslight Anthem) to perform music stripped back to an acoustic-folk sound.

The Revival Tour succeeds in combining punk-rock songs with folk elements. The show started with everyone performing songs together primarily from The Gaslight Anthem’s repertoire, with backing from fiddle player John Gaunt and bass player Joe Ginsberg. Dave Hause then performed well-loved songs such as “C’Mon Kid” and “Pray for Tucson”, never failing to involve the crowd in his performance – at one point a member of the audience is even invited on-stage to sing alongside him. Ragan took song requests from the audience. Andriano played both older Alkaline Trio songs alongside newer solo material from his recently released EP, “In The Emergency Room.” Lastly, and most popularly, Brian Fallon picked up his guitar to deliver more acoustic Gaslight Anthem songs, as well as songs from Fallon’s newer band, The Horrible Crowes. The others rejoined Fallon on stage for a performance of Gaslight Anthem’s “Great Expectations” that left the crowd shouting for more.

What makes the Revival Tour so popular is its individuality; Ragan stated, “There are always going to be surprises …that’s the thing about the Revival Tour, though we do rehearse and have some ideas of our collaborations, you never really know what’s going to happen.” This outlook, coupled with the unique relationship the Revival Tour cultivates between the musicians and their audience, is undoubtedly the cause for the show’s growing popularity and continuing expansion.  It was refreshing to experience a show that involved the musicians stepping outside their comfort zones and re-inventing their music so unforgettably.

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