I think i’m in love…

I think I’m in love with Royal Holloway.

I know it sounds a bold opening comment but I’m pretty sure
it’s true. As both a physical structure and a collection of students, Holloway
possesses a myriad of brilliance which just does not receive enough praise.
There is just so much greatness attached to it.

One could judge solely on outward appearances and adore the variety
of beauty displayed throughout campus. From the intricate nature of
Founders, through the dividing bubble that is the Management building,
right down to the Ikea styled Williamson, Butler and Tuke, there are just so
many sights on campus to enjoy.

Further wonderments can be uncovered below the surface however,
with innumerable brilliant moments occurring on a daily basis: the
Disney-like sensation of seeing deer on campus, the childlike pleasure of
partaking in a pre-arranged water fight or even the mild horror of discovering
Jane Holloway Hall at night. I’ve been to many places on this Earth (all
admittedly in relatively near geographical location), but RoHo simply seems to
be better than anywhere else.

Yet, despite my previously professed love, I do confess that it isn’t
a work of perfection. There are occasional flaws that gripe me from
time to time. The disappointment of nights out at the SU, the lack of actual
entertainment in Egham, not to mention the daily struggle up Egham Hill, are
things we could all live without. But, like a big nose on an otherwise perfect partner,
there have to be blemishes for the magnificence of the place to be given relativistic

Besides, it’s easy to forget about these minor issues when the
regularities of campus life include chatting in the bizarre but beautiful
Imagine or spying squirrels scurrying through the woods. Even in the virtual world,
Holloway becomes great. I personally, admire the fact that we have created a
Facebook group almost solely designed for collective self-deprecation – ‘You
know you go to Royal Holloway when…’ There are just so many pretty little
embellishments surrounding Holloway that I sometimes struggle to believe that
this place is not only real, but also my home.

And I know how expected and stereotypical it is of me, as a student, to like
my university. Students always do.  It’s where we make lifelong friends. It’s
where we drink. It’s where we grow up, where I become a man. But I also know
that you people make this glorious place shine more than most and I truly
believe that you Hollofolk are something special.

It warms my heart to know that I am lucky enough to spend
three years of my life here. RoHo is something that each and every one of us
should be thankful for.

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