GM Watch 2: GM Harder

I decided to start writing these articles with the intent of them fulfilling some kind of public service commitment by letting you the readers know what arcane rituals are performed at SURHUL’s general meetings and perhaps encourage some of you to actually go, so the sane proportion of students have some degree of representation there. Well I’m sorry to announce that I have horribly failed in my duties as I left half way through on account of not hating myself. If the Orbitals liveblog (which you should all read) is anything to go by the meeting lasted a grand total of five hours. Five hours! That’s about a terms worth of work for a management student.

With the lack of any obvious SU hate figure having emerged yet, unlike last years host of pantomime villains it wasn’t even possible to get angry during the meeting. It was just really really boring.
I shed a tiny tear as the final round of 60-second sabb ensued (where the sabbatical officers tell us what they’ve been up to) which is now going to be replaced by a three minute ‘Sabbatical Update’ for the sake of greater accountability. Postgraduate Students Officer David Pavitt made the good point that this motion was perhaps not the best of ideas as it should be in the interests of the students to keep the meetings as short as possible (he’s right!) and that if we want to read about what the sabbs have been up to we can get a full account on their blogs which of course each and every sabb keeps updated and recent (he’s wrong!).

VPSA Jake Wells informed us about the upcoming RAG naked calendar, VPComCam Sarah Honeycombe enthused about the lobby outside college council and VPEdWelfare Katie Blow told us ‘I look like a whale, I am so angry’ but she did at least get to be president for the day as the great leader was on annual leave.
What President Dan Cooper has been up to however is outlined in great detail on his blog on the SURHUL website (which is to his credit very up to date) and contains details on the most recent college council meeting (the highest decision making body in all the land) which is well worth a read as the college’s own website appears to have neglected to put the minutes and agendas of any meeting online since January.

A number of interesting and indeed uninteresting questions were raised from the floor including one student who noted that Wedderburn recycling is being put in with general waste which ethics and environment officer Ed Resek has promised to get to the bottom of and another student who wondered why Holloway’s excellent Insanity Radio isn’t being played in SU venues. Sarah Honeycombe promised that by the end of the week this goes to print that Insanity will be played in the SU. Hurrah!

The second motion of the evening following the sabbatical update motion was put forward and went into discussions for a very long time. It was brutal. It was about what file formats should documents on the SU website be in. There’s literally no way I can make this sound interesting but I am pleased to inform you that it was set as a procedural motion meaning that it will also be discussed at the next meeting. See you there guys!

Finally the creation of an information officer was discussed which would involve the handling of data security. This would involve one officer having access to a lot of sensitive data which a number of people in the room found objectionable but MSL who is the company that currently runs the abysmal SU website has proven to be extremely hack-able and this was mentioned in the same breath as allegations of electoral rigging at the SU which the chair was quick to dismiss. As the details and implications of the role were fairly complicated the general meeting decided to refer the motion to the executive who will no doubt find the motion equally complicated.
And it was at this point that I snuck off home. Following this there were a couple of hours of elections for various representatives and sub-committee positions that were largely uncontested.

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