Live review: Patrick Wolf – Sala Penelope, Madrid – 15 October

Going to a concert is always a beautiful experience. One can even find the beauty in the grottiest and dingiest places in Camden. Patrick Wolf’s concert in Madrid was very different but nonetheless beautiful. The venue, Sala Penelope, has a unique vibe. Usually, concert venues are dark places where the focus is on the stage but ‘Sala Penelope,’ reverses that. As I walked in the light and airy venue, pumping out classical French music, I knew we were in for a beautiful intimate show. Seeing your favourite British artist abroad will always be better than seeing them at home. Not only are the venues cleaner and nicer, they’re smaller and will always provide a more intimate show.

Patrick emerged from the fog a la Stars in their Eyes, sporting a sparkly red velvet number and without an introduction launched into ‘House,’ the second track on his newest album, Lupercalia. The crowd stood silently appreciating his classically trained voice. Not only does he have incredible stage presence but is skilled in a variety of instruments. Wolf would play a more mellow song then balance them out with his fast-paced anthems – ‘Bloodbeat’ balances ‘Who Will,’ a beautiful melancholic song from his album, ‘The Bachelor.’ When the intro to ‘Bloodbeat,’ erupted from the speakers, the crowd changed. From being a respectable crowd of late twenty-somethings, they turned into a pack of hyenas, screaming and dancing and singing along to the song.

Wolf disappeared for a bit whilst a hybrid of the intros to ‘Accident & Emergency’ and ‘Magic Position,’ started to emanate from the speakers. As the crowd got riled up, he appeared dressed in a cow-patterned all-in-one and played his last three anthems to the roaring crowd. After ending the set with, ‘The City,’ and modifying the lyrics to suit Madrid, he left the stage, triumphant knowing he had conquered another city on his ridiculously long tour.

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