Live Review: Labrinth – SU – 30 September

Despite the wait to get in and the even longer wait for Labrinth to appear on stage, the crowd were not left disappointed as he delivered well-known hits such as ‘Let The Sun Shine’, ‘Pass Out’ and ‘Frisky’ with passion and gusto.  Initially warmed up by the SU’s resident DJ and a ready supply of cheap drinks, the audience made it clear they were ready to be entertained, and greeted Labrinth enthusiastically as he made his way on stage to perform a mixture of well-loved songs and new material coupled with dubstep remixes of other artist’s work.

Londoner Labrinth (a.k.a. Timothy McKenzie) became the first non-talent show artist to be signed to Simon Cowell’s label Syco in six years, and has since risen to fame through both his own solo work and collaborations with Tinie Tempah and Professor Green; he has also worked with other artists on lyrics and songwriting, including Pixie Lott and JLS. His debut single “Let The Sun Shine” reached number three in 2010. Although Labrinth was first and foremost a producer, Cowell marked him out as a singer from the beginning of his career and signed him to his label as a performing artist in his own right.

If Labrinth’s performance can be measured in terms of the crowd’s response then it is beyond doubt that the crowd was hooked on his trance-pop beats and infectiously catchy lyrics. Labrinth’s shout of “I love you Royal Holloway!” was met with a barrage of noise and thunderous applause as the audience showed their appreciation for his performance, demonstrating that despite the limited amount of time he spent on stage, a thoroughly enjoyable night was had by all.

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