In other news

Stone Roses are to reunite to perform two gigs in Manchester’s Heaton Park on 29 and 30 June before embarking on a world tour. Ian Brown and John Squire have patched up their differences and  joined drummer Reni and bassist Mani to reform the band. They have been in the studio together and there are rumours of a new album. They would probably forge an even tighter bond, one of joint rage, if I suggested that this is the biggest Manchester music reunion after Take That, so I won’t.

Radiohead announced that they were finally going to tour the King of Limbs album. Guitarist Ed O’Brien told BBC 6Music that the delay was due to the fact that the album was totally studio conceived and it took the band a while to figure out how to play it live. The good news is that the tour, from February to November next year, will mostly be in indoor venues. The potentially bad news is that the band will mostly focus on playing the songs from their last album and its predecessor, In Rainbows, at the expense of the rest of their repertoire. In the meantime, Radiohead will be back in the studio in December and January to start work on a new album.

Soul singer Syl Johnson is suing Jay Z and Kanye West for the alleged illegal sampling  of his song ‘Different Strokes’ on their recent album Watch the Throne. Johnson has form this kind of thing having sued Michael Jackson and Cyprus Hill, among others, for similar offences with varying degrees of success.

Morrissey is also suing, in his case the NME and its former editor, for libel. Morrissey claims that an interview published in November 2007 was defamatory and portrayed him as a racist. He is not, however, understood to be suing the Guardian or poet Simon Armitage who interviewed him last year, for quoting him as saying, “Did you see the thing on the news about [Chinese] treatment of animals and animal welfare? Absolutely horrific. You can’t help but feel that the Chinese are a subspecies.”

And, at the time of writing, Steps are at number 1 in the album charts! They will hopefully have been overtaken by Evanescence’s eponymous third album by the time you read this (oops, or Noel Gallagher) .

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