Album review: Noel Gallagher ‘s High Flying Birds

Silence, talking, random noises, or coughing as intro to an album is not arty or clever and we as a fan base tolerate it but don’t enjoy it. Please stop doing this! Once this stupidity is out of the way the opening track ‘Everybody’s On The Run’ actually has something so say…. I’m Back! This demonstrates his “vocal ability” as best it can with a good backing beat and memorable lyrics. This is followed by ‘Dream On’ and ‘If I Had A Gun…’ which are two of the weaker tracks on the album. ‘If I Had A Gun…’ is a nice ballad but easily forgettable and Noel’s lack of singing range really shows through on the higher notes.

‘The Death Of You And Me’ is a clear highlight of the album and is the kind of song that suits Noel’s voice perfectly, mostly chorus with some nice brass accompaniment and a jangly tune. With the rest of the album he experiments with different tempos and genres to some surprisingly good results. ‘AKA…What A Life’ has beats almost bordering on slow dance and ‘Soldier Boys And Jesus Freaks’ has an opening riff reminiscent of The Kinks.

The album as a whole is very chorus based and lyrically catchy, just like Oasis; is very ‘Britpopy’, just like Oasis; and has very simple and paced guitars, just like Oasis. As the creative force behind Oasis you can understand why it’s just like Oasis; only now Noel gets to be the centre of attention and is off the leash, both musically and literally. This album is definitely not a ‘Definitely Maybe’, but it’s nice to listen to, if not slightly forgettable, and a solid 7/10. I do get the feeling that this may be the best we’re going to get from his Flying Birds and Noel…….. Gallagher, of course.

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