Scottish Universities set fees for other UK students

This week, Scottish universities have announced their annual fees for students from the rest of the UK, known as RUK fees.

Currently, RUK students in Scotland pay about £1,800 in tuition fees, making it a popular alternative for many. However, the majority of Scottish universities have chosen to reflect the increase in fees in the rest of the UK and raise the cost of their tuition. Students who are resident in Scotland do not pay tuition fees at Scottish universities and will continue to avoid fees.

Glasgow has chosen to charge annual fees of £6,750 for most undergraduate courses, while those studying degrees with higher income potential, such as medicine, dentistry and veterinary medicine, will be charged £9,000. All RUK students entering first year will be awarded a bursary or fee waiver of £1,000, meaning four-year degree fees will be capped at £26,000. This is currently less than the maximum possible fees of £27,000 in England. Dundee and Abertay universities are similarly capping their costs at £27,000 and£21,000 respectively.

The most unpopular news on Scottish tuition fees came from the University of the West of Scotland, which has chosen to charge students an annual fee of £7,250 throughout three and four-year degree courses with no cap. The President of NUS Scotland, Robin Parker, said: “Only Edinburgh and St. Andrews have set more expensive fees, making UWS among the top three most expensive institutions in the whole of the UK. This is a huge mistake which could tarnish the reputation not just of UWS but also of Scotland as a whole.”

Mr Parker also went on to condemn the rise in tuition as a whole, stating that: “By setting fees at this level, the university is sending the signal throughout the UK that students from England, Wales and Northern Ireland are valued by the size of their bank accounts, not their ability.”

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