New Year’s resolutions: take two

Here we are again at the start of a new academic year. Whether you are a Fresher
or a Returner, September brings out the bright-eyed, bushy-tailed eager student
in all of us.

For me September has all the overtones of the New Year. No matter how old we get,
at the start of September we ambitiously lay out all our plans for the year ahead
in the same manner that we make endless resolutions in January, resolutions
which we promise ourselves we will stick to… this time. This is the year that
we will get that elusive first in our coursework essay, wow our fellow students
with our performance in the MTS production, or lead the football team to glory.
In September we are full of these kinds of hopes, determined that this is going
to be the year we make them happen.

Some of these September resolutions can be as simple as being more organised.
“I will meet my essay deadline, I will remember to read ahead for my seminar, I
will pay my bills on time,” you get the picture. September is the time when we
head to our local WH Smiths to kit ourselves out with shiny, new, colour
co-ordinating stationary, complete with 2011-12 diary to enter in all those
important dates, deadlines and social events.

But let’s face it; three weeks in are we actually going to be able to find
that diary from under the pile of clothes on are bedroom floor? Most of us
will be struggling in vain to find anything resembling a writing implement
that we can take with us to our lectures by this point.

For others September brings the resolution that this year they will take a
more active part in campus life. Many of us will eagerly try out at every
sports club and society available during the first week of term, only to return
home battered and bruised from over-doing it in the ultimate Frisbee session,
straining a muscle attempting to “cheer” or kidding ourselves that we don’t
have two left feet in a samba class.

Maybe this year you’ll attempt to spend your student loan more wisely. Saying
that, you know that with a big night out coming up a pair of to-die-for-heels
are just so much more important than eating three proper meals a day. You can
quite happily survive on stale cornflakes and slightly-off milk, you cannot,
however, live without those gorgeous shoes in your wardrobe!

Some of us may be repeating the mantra of ‘less drink, more study’ quietly to
ourselves as we pass Medicine or the SU for the first time this term. Well,
that resolution will be out the window long before we get to the Christmas

Whatever these resolutions are, they remind us that September is a fresh start
and this fills us with hope for the year ahead. Despite our full awareness that in
a months time all our well-laid plans and good intentions will have fallen by
the wayside, there’s just something about September that makes us want to
try anyway. What have you got to lose? After all, this could be the year that
you make the netball team, secure the lead role in the latest drama production
or even get your first article published in ‘The Founder’. And even if you don’t,
well, there’s always next September.

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