Did you know?

There  is a tunnel connecting Founder’s East with the Boiler Room (next to the
International Building). The tunnels were made so that workers could move
between the Boiler Room and Founders without being seen by the female students.
Today they are used to carry cables under the campus.

Marylyn Monroe lived at Parkside House in Englefield Green
during the filming of The Prince and the Showgirl.

Part  of the Royal Holloway campus is being used as the Rowing and Canoe Sprint
Village for the 2012 Olympic Games.

Emily Wilding Davison, the suffragette who threw herself in front
of the King’s horse at the 1913 Epsom Derby, attended Royal Holloway
until 1893. She was forced to leave the college as her mother could no
longer afford the fees.

Royal Holloway has a central London property at Bedford Square,
Gower Street. It is used for postgraduate activities and teaching.

Last year, RAG (Raise and Give) raised £41,243.81.

Royal Holloway’s college motto ‘esse quam videri’ is Latin for ‘to be
rather than to seem (to be)’ and is the motto for a large number of
schools, families and fraternities. It is the state motto of North Carolina.

6 months after the 2010 English graduates left Royal Holloway, 19.80%
were in further study, 56.35% were in some form of work, 5.58% had moved
onto to part time work and study, 6.09% were unemployed, 7.11% were
not contactable when the Higher Education Statistics Agency collected this
data and 5.08% described themselves as ‘other’.

Royal Holloway merged with Bedford New College in 1985, mainly as a result
of financial pressures. An inauguration ceremony was held by Elizabeth II
in the College Chapel.

In 1852, Englefield Green was the site of the last fatal duel in England.
In the 2009/10 financial year Royal Holloway received an income of
£132.1m. The university spent £126.2m. HEFCE provided £41.3m to the
university’s income and tuition fees and education contracts provided £48.4m.
£72.5m was spent on staff.

Royal Holloway’s alumni include singer Katie Tunstall, broadcaster
Lenny Henry, Richmal Crompton (author of the Just William books),
actor Mark Strong (Lord Blackwood, Sherlock Holmes, Lord Godfrey,
Robin Hood) and actor Jeremy Northam.

Founder’s building was built between 1874 and 1881 and cost
£600,000, roughly £29,000,000 in today’s money.

Insanity Radio has won a number of Student Radio Awards including
Silver Best Marketing and Promotions in 2008, Silver Best Male
Presenter in 2006 and Silver Best Student Radio Station in 2005 and 2004.

Royal Holloway College was opened in 1886 by Queen Victoria.

Royal Holloway began as an all girls college. The first male
postgraduates were accepted in 1945 and male undergraduates arrived after 1965.

Insanity Radio started broadcasting in 1998. At that time the station had
a Restricted Service License which only permitted broadcast for 28 days
at a time, twice a year.

The Students’ Union has a projected total income of £930,339
for the 2011/12 academic year.

There are 1,252 members of staff at RHUL and roughly 8,900 students.
Insanity Radio derives its name from Holloway Sanatorium, a nearby former
mental institute funded by Thomas Holloway. The Sanatorium was designed
by William Henry Crossland who also designed Founder’s Building. After the
building fell into disrepair in the 1990s, the RHUL college council considered
using the site for student accommodation but the costs of redevelopment were
considered prohibitive. Today Holloway Sanatorium is a gated residential
complex known as Virginia Park.

Nearby, Wentworth Club is home to the BMW PGA Championship.
The Wentworth Estate is home to Bruce Forsyth.

Royal Holloway was ranked 88th in the 2010-11
Times Higher Education World University Rankings.

At the last census, Egham town had a population of 5724.

In 2009/10, 20% of Royal Holloway’s students came from outside
of the EU. Out of a total tuition fee income of £48,373,000, fees from
UK and EU students contributed £21,882,000 and overseas students
contributed £22,096,000.

The Founder was created in 2006 by student Jack Lenox.

Last year, a brothel was found in Egham.

Thomas Holloway’s wife Jane proposed the idea of creating an all girls college
following Thomas’ public debate as to ‘How to best spend a million pounds or

In 2006, Royal Holloway released an estimated 14,131 tonnes of carbon
dioxide, according to a Carbon Trust report. The estimate is roughly equivalent
to 7,000 return flights to New York, or roughly the same as the average yearly
emissions of 4,500 motorists.

The Magna Carta was sealed in nearby Runnymede, hence
‘Historic’ Egham.

Royal  Holloway has presented honorary degrees to Bill Bryson,
Simon Schama and Ian McEwan. It has presented honorary fellowships to
Kate Adie, Joan Bakewell and Lady Heseltine.

Thomas  Holloway’s former home in Sunninghill (near Ascot) has since been home to John
Lennon (and Yoko Ono) as well as Ringo Starr and the President of the UAE.

The  Royal Holloway Picture Gallery is currently touring the United States. In the
early nineties, 3 paintings by Turner, Gainsborough and Constable were sold for
£21m to generate funds for the maintenance of Founder’s and the rest of the
collection. The collection is currently valued at around 16.6m

Founder’s  Building has been used as a location in several films and TV series, including
Basic Instinct 2, Midsomer Murders, Trinity and Antiques Roadshow.

Nearby  Virginia Water Lake is an artificial stretch of water. It has been used as a
location for the Harry Potter films and in 2005 was the site for the British
record capture of pike, weighing at 58lbs, 5oz.

Founder’s  Building is a Grade I listed building based on the Chateau Chambord in the
Loire Valley. Crosslands is named after the architect, William Crossland.

Nearby  Windsor Great Park is 5000 acres of pristine landscaped gardens, owned
and operated by the Crown Estate. The park contains both Guard’s Polo Club and
the Royal Lodge (official residence of Prince Andrew). Between Windsor Castle
and the Royal Lodge there is also a spectacular deer park. Guards Polo Club is
widely considered to be the most prestigious polo club in the UK and the one
associated most closely with the Royal family. The club has as its patron, HM
Queen Elizabeth and, as its President, HM Prince Philip. You can join the Club
as a playing member for a £17,000 entrance fee, plus £5,450/year (figures from

There are two Royal Holloway graduates in Parliament. Norman Baker MP is a Liberal
Democrat and Minister for Transport. Gregory Barker is a Conservative MP. An
interview with Norman Baker can be found on the Founder website.

In the Guardian University Guide 2012, Royal Holloway is
ranked 5th for Physics, 12th for History, 13th  for Classics, 16th for Drama
and dance, 32nd for English, 45th for Economics, 54th
for Computer Sciences and IT and 60th for Business and management
studies. Overall Royal Holloway was ranked 35th, up from 41st.

In the Da Vinci Code, Dan Brown casts cryptographer Sophie Neveu as having studied
at Royal Holloway’s renowned Information Security Group. There are a number of
references to Royal Holloway in the book, including:

“Your English is superb.”

“Thank you. I studied at the Royal

“So, then, that explains it.”


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