How to contribute to The Founder

The Founder is the Independent Newspaper of Royal Holloway, set up by a student in 2006 and run without influence or interference from both the Students Union and College ever since. Over the years we’ve covered a variety of major campus and national news stories, interviewed famous figures and alumni as well as becoming home to a number of award winning Royal Holloway writers. We’re also the first student newspaper in the UK to have their very own iPhone application.

Last year we published 12 full issues – far more than any other publication on campus – and this year we plan to produce even more quality content.

The paper edition is published every two weeks from the start of term.

While we aim to publish as much as possible on the website, it’s our best articles that make it into the paper.

If you’d like to see examples of articles written for a particular section and for ideas about style and content, you can download a pdf of all our past paper editions here.

Our deadline for the Freshers’ edition is midday on Wednesday 14th September.

Here’s how you can contribute to each section of the Founder:



We look to publish anything centred around Royal Holloway, the local area or national news of interest to RHUL students. If you have an article, or have a scoop that you think we should be writing about, contact Jessica Phillipson, our news editor at

Throughout the year, Jess will be running a news team to whom she will distribute stories that need to be written up for each issue. This group of journalists will also be dispatched to events in person when necessary.

If you’d like to join the team, feel free to get into contact with her.

If penning your own article, aim for about 200-300 words.



We’ve left our Comment & Debate section editor position open for applications during the first two weeks of term.

Comment is completely open to opinion pieces about any subject be it current affairs, politics or the threatened cuts to Royal Holloway’s Classics Department.

Aim for your article to be roughly 400 – 600 words in length. Articles between 600 – 900 words will need to be highly developed and, because of space issues, are unfortunately less likely to make it into the paper edition. Usually, articles should be sent to, however the best way to have your piece read for the coming issue is by sending it straight to Ashley and Dave at

Alternatively if you’d like to apply for the position of section editor write to We’re looking for someone well organised who can quickly quality check all the articles that are submitted to the section, lead the section with clever and witty comment as well as helping to push the board to improve the paper as a whole over the coming year.



This is our most diverse section. Last year we published articles on fashion, travel, and satirical accounts of the student experience as well as subjects such as transgender issues, the effect that modern innovation has on our lives and interviews with famous figures.

Some of our best content over the years has come from regular features such as ‘Dear Terry’ (RHUL’s favourite agony uncle) and last year’s critic of all things Holloway ‘Undergraduated’ by Nicholas Blazenby. If you’ve an idea and the first part of a regular feature send it to Fizz King our features editor at

Once more, we ideally look for articles roughly 400-600 words in length.



Your arts section is for review, feature and opinion writing on exhibitions, theatre and books as well as articles about the people involved in their creation.

Comment and features can be anywhere up to 600 words, and reviews should aim at about 200-300 words in length.

The arts at Royal Holloway have also been neglected a little by campus media in recent years. If you’ve been to see something on campus, whether that’s a theatre production or Photography Society’s annual exhibition, we want to hear about it – good or bad – and you can guarantee that those involved will too.

If you’re part of something that you’d like a bit of free publicity for on campus, why not send an article to Julia at Interviews and photo features have worked really well in past issues. Photographers can also be provided on request.



As if we need to explain. The film section has always been popular for contributors.

Clearly benefitting from the proximity of Staines’ Vue Cinema we look for reviews on all of the latest releases (with a star rating out of five), but we love to hear about those golden gems too. You can help to stoke their popularity.

In the past we’ve seen features such as ‘1001 films to see before you die’ and ‘Cult Corner’ grow up with the paper, and we’ve published a number of excellent feature and opinion pieces about the film industry now and in years gone by.

Reviews again should aim for 300-500 words, and features or opinion pieces anywhere up to 600. Send them all to Nathaniel Horne at



As well as album and live reviews, our Music section is a magnet for opinion pieces on the London scene and the state of the charts these days. It’s been a great place to find pointers about new artists to try, and the fact that music reviews don’t have to be very long means it’s a great opportunity for students to make sure that their favourite bands are well represented here.

Not to be forgotten, Royal Holloway has its own music scene too. Love to Make Noise and Rock Soc have been really well reviewed in recent years as well as providing some great photo opportunities. And if that isn’t your scene, the well respected Chamber Choir, bands and orchestras at Holloway are very seldom reviewed in either campus publication – a travesty that needs rectifying.

Album & gig reviews should be 100-300 words. Feature and comment pieces can again be anything up to 600 words and should all be sent to Harun at



Royal Holloway has a number of widely renowned sports teams and at the Founder we do our best to give them a platform to publicise their successes. Match reports and news as well as season previews and publicity articles for events are all welcome. It doesn’t matter whether you’re part of the team in question or an audience member of Nobels Field midweek. We want it all.

There are also a number of up and coming sports photographers at Holloway in and out of the Photography Society itself. If you’ve some cracking mid-tackle photos of the Bears in action, why not send them through to us?

We’ve had season previews, features and comment written about national sport as well as events at Holloway, and it’s gone down a treat. Don’t feel restrained.

Match reports can be anything from 200-400 words. Features and comment articles should again aim for anything up to 600 words. New sports editor Ben Hine is waiting to receive them at



Whether you’re new or returning to Holloway, you’ll no doubt have seen that there are quite a few great photo opportunities in and around campus. Every edition, we reserve the centre fold for our ‘Holloway View’ feature where we print photos of campus, the nearby area and images of student life. If you want to get your work published this is exactly where to go.

Why not join our flickr group, new this year, at Or alternatively send it all to Amy and Julian at

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