The results are in. . . .

Between the stress of revision, the pressures of partying and the lure of the summer sunshine, it’s a wonder anyone at university can get anything done – especially if you study at such a stunning university as our own. Who would want to sit pouring over books in the library when they could be outside enjoying the sunshine? The tortures of revision have hit the climbing society hard – no joke, there have been some serious withdrawal symptoms from lack of climbing and I’ll tell you something – the forbidden fruit that is the climbing of the Founders Building has become ever more unbearable as a result. Despite these hardships, we’ve managed to have a really successful last term. Not only has our climbing society finished the last couple of rounds of the LUBE competition, we have also completed a ‘Climathon’ in aid of BUWWEDA.

I am pleased to report that the final round of the London University Bouldering Event has just taken place and the results are in. This round was held at the Ach Climbing wall in London and our teams truly excelled themselves, with our main team once again finishing in the top 15 universities in the whole competition. A further mention should go to Jack Appleby and Chris Stroud who finished 20th and 25th out of the 110 climbers in the competition.

In addition to this event, MACS also held a Climathon in aid of BUWWEDA (The Butembe Women with Disabilities Development Association), a Uganda-based charity who provide the much needed aid and support for women and children in Uganda who are suffering from disabilities. The Climathon took place on Saturday 12th March and consisted of 8 whole hours of non-stop climbing. I am really proud to say that we raised £386.73 which is an outstanding achievement. Congratulations should be awarded not only to those climbers who gave up a whole day in the middle of the hectic ‘deadline period’ to honour this cause, but also to other members of the society who took the time to shake buckets around campus and raise us the extra money for this great charity.  We would really like to thank everybody who supported us, as well as the RAG team – I’m sure the money has been greatly appreciated.

So after the exams are over, the parties all celebrated and the goodbyes said and done, it’ll be on to Pardons, France for our summer tour with MACS – we wish everyone a happy summer and good luck for the day-that-must-not-be-named when we finally find out the results of this year’s hard work.

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