Svensson Says. . . .

So the time has come. The final edition of The Founder is out and about, mingling across campus in every corner, visible behind, beyond, and beside every tree and student. Although not much has happened in the sports realm of Holloway since Easter break all those weeks ago, we still have some exciting news regarding the up-coming season! RHUL Sports will get an extra influx of money thanks to a lottery win (read here), and the newly opened MA in Sports Management is sure to attract some sporty new students to Egham.

As the room is cleared out, the suitcases stand packed to their bursting point, and a flight for home booked in only a matter of days (in writing time), the year steadily fades to its end. I know I’m coming back, eventually, but there’s a definite sense of sentimentality in the air still. 2010/11 has been a year of contrasts; of ups and downs, but probably mostly ups. Good memories from won fixtures and successful Colours Ball mingle with not-as-nice recollections of injuries and set-backs. Hopes and failures aligned side by side as though they naturally belonged together; more of one than the other, yes, but rather unsure of which is which. But that’s all in the past now, and the present is not quite the same – and the future looks bright.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all contributors who have made my job a lot easier, and without whose submissions, there would be no sports section here. A special thanks has to go to Grace Shaw and Mark Hyndman who have helped me out more than anyone else. And of course thank you to all RHUL athletes – without you there would certainly not have been anything to write about (and probably no one to read about it either!).

Have a great summer, work out and work out hard. For those of you who will return in September, we need more and more great results from RHUL Sports. UCL needs to be beaten next year too. And to those who have reached the end of your Egham adventure – thank you for the effort you have put in, and good luck with future ventures in the wonderful world of sports.

And that’s all Svensson Says for this time. Final whistle.

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