2010/2011 in Review

With this being the final edition of music news for the current academic year I thought it might be appropriate to summarise the goings on in the last year within the world of music.
The 2010/2011 year began with the tragic, sudden and not at all amusing death of Electric Light Orchestra cellist Mike Edwards being killed by a 1300 pound bale of hay falling from the back of a trailer down in the wilds of Southwest England. Bloc party guitarist Russell Lissack also had a relatively crappy start to the year after being bitten by a lion in Africa and immediately after finding that not only was the local hospital in quarantine but also finding himself in a car crash. Less than ideal.
Kanye West gifted the world with his ‘it’s not a video, it’s a painting’ video for his single ‘Power’ being his first single released in a post Taylor Swift world.
TI quickly set about rebalancing his karma by helping talk a man down from a ledge just before being sentenced to 11 months in prison for a parole violation. Shortly after, Lil Wayne found himself being released from prison just as Atlanta native Gucci Mane was returning there for the fifth time in five years for a string of traffic offences that resulted in him having to be pepper sprayed by police officers.
The year concluded with former president George W Bush describing the moment that Kanye West claimed that he didn’t care black people as the ‘worst of his presidency’ and that is saying one hell of a lot. West also released his fifth album to critical acclaim featuring collaborations from everyone from Elton John to Bon Iver. It was accompanied by a 30 minute video featuring ballet dancers and Kanye West having sex with a phoenix.
The new year saw the release of Radioheads latest album the King of Limbs which divided critics including Liam Gallagher who had this to say about the record “I heard that fucking Radiohead record and I just go, ‘What?!’… Them writing a song about a fucking tree? Give me a fucking break! A thousand year old tree? Go fuck yourself!”
Kanye West released a single with Jay-Z, ‘H.A.M’, produced by apocalyptic southern hip hop producer Lex Luger from their upcoming album Watch The Throne. LCD Soundsystem and The White Stripes both decided to call it a day on their bands after providing us with some of the most important popular music of the last decade.
Kanye West’s charity The Kanye West Foundation closed down mysteriously after revealing that there had been a substantial discrepancy in the amount of donations received and the amount of grants given out.
The Flaming lips started challenging conventional release formats/mounting bizarre publicity stunts, by releasing a song that is meant to be played in 12 parts across youtube and a song contained within a USB stick within a life size gummy skull.
Arcade Fire won this years Grammy award for Best Album formally recognising indie rocks acceptance by the main stream and causing a mass exodus of hipsters to underground hip hop and bass music. Kanye West tweeted approvingly.
Kanye West finished off the current years notable news events by releasing a line of NSFW silk scarves based on the set of alternative album covers from his last album described by the highest rated commenter on the Daily Mail Online as ‘nothing but disgusting junk coming from an arrogant, pathetic, overrated ****’.

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