Student society wins prestigious award

For the second year running, Royal Holloway Entrepreneurs student society has won a major national award.

At an award ceremony held by the National Consortium of University Entrepreneurs (NACUE), the 2000 member-strong society won the 2011 Venture Creation Catalyst Award. This is given to the society who is seen to most successfully motivate students to start their own enterprises.

Royal Holloway Entrepreneurs society president, Luka Blackman-Gibbs, commented on the triumph: “We’re incredibly proud to have been recognised for fulfilling our promise for the students of Royal Holloway. I am delighted that we have again been recognised as one the UK’s most successful enterprise societies. Our students at Royal Holloway are increasingly proving that they are serious about their business ideas, and we have triumphed in our ability to support these students. It’s incredibly touching to be recognised by NACUE for all of our hard work.”

Last year, the society won the first 2010 New Society of the Year Award, making this active and flourishing society one to watch.

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