Squash’s Incredible Year 2010/11

The Squash Club has undoubtedly seen one of its best years ever over 2010/11 with all aspects of the club soaring to new heights. The teams have performed better than ever before (with two runners up trophies secured and >75% win rates in 4/5 teams), the charity and volunteering contribution from the club has exceeded all others (RAG club of the year and over 600 hours volunteering clocked up with cybermentors), and the social life, which needed no improvement, has been as vibrant and well attended as ever.

The key social event of the sports calendar, the Colours Ball, was a chance for us to really show off our achievements and commitment to squash and we did so in style. With two full tables roaring in the name of squash, no-one was in doubt that the Squash Club was the place to be. With huge achievements including two Athletic Union Crest Awards (To Ben Hine and Julie Peachey) and RAG Club of the Year 2010/11, the night was an enormous success; and the songs lasted well into the night.

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate every single member of RHUL Squash on their outstanding efforts this year, and that it is down to them that the club has had such a phenomenal year and has really established itself as a club to be recognised within the college. It is also a very sad year for the club, as we are losing many key members this year (and incredible players) with special mention to Julie Peachey and Jamie Pearce, who have helped make the club this great from the very beginning of their time here. We will miss them and all the others greatly.

But with loss comes new gain, and with a fantastic new committee (under the leadership of the new President – Charlie Bruinvels), RHUL Squash is looking only upwards for the coming year. This begins next week as Squash helps as part of volunteering Week 2011 on a large project. We look forward to seeing everybody out and about volunteering and at the union during the final weeks of this amazing year. I am lucky that I have been part of this success so far, and doubly lucky that I get to take part in the next two years of what is sure to be even bigger and better things for squash.

Squash Army!

(If you would like to try your hand at squash then please come find us at Fresher’s Fayre 2011/12 in September. Everybody is welcome!)

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