Lacrosse charity day

After much preparation and many setbacks leading up to Saturday 12th March, Royal Holloway Lacrosse finally hosted its Charity Sports Day. The aim was to raise as much money for charitable causes as possible. The chosen charity of Barnardos provided an excellent incentive to raise as much cash as we could in one afternoon of playing sport and having fun in the sun. The gods of Lacrosse smiled favorably on us and provided a beautifully warm sunny day. It literally kicked off with some five-a-side football, charitable bets being placed to win drinks vouchers for The Monkey’s Forehead.

Following that was one of the highlights of the day: Royal Holloway Lacrosse Women’s 1s v Women’s 2s – MEN’S RULES! This hard, heavy, hitting game is not usually played by the Women, but, boy, did they give it all they had! Some excellent attacking from Kirsty Skinner and Kat Bentz for the 1s meant they took their team to victory over the 2s. This however was not made easy by the 2s star defender Indre Lampsatis. Fouls equaled Ginning and the bets flowed on the 40 minutes of pure entertainment. Reading University Women’s Lacrosse also joined in the cause playing against our 1s and 2s, as well as taking on RHUL in our rounder’s games. An afternoon of good fun, good food and good drink lead to us raising over £300 for our nominated charity.

Special thanks should go to Reading Lacrosse, RHUL Squash and Frisbee and everyone who took part!

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