Cheering for charity

On Sunday 6th March the RH Tom Cats team showcased their talents in front of family and friends in the Royal Holloway sports hall. Set up with chairs, music, mats and even a photographer the guys and girls provided several show stopping performances – quite literally! A few hiccups with the music system stopped a few routines in their tracks but undeterred the teams set out to put on a performance not to be missed!

The show started with guests being offered programmes and goody bags with sweets all in aid of our chosen charity Cancer Research. The RH Tom Cats captain Amber Hiller took centre stage to introduce people to the world of cheerleading (without pom poms), leading the guests through each element from tumbling, dance, stunting and cheer. The Tom Cats have several teams across each cheer division comprising both boys and girls in dance, stunt and cheer and students and staff across campus were invited to see the teams in action, it’s the first time that the team have been able to perform locally in front of the home crowd so to speak. RH Tom Cats Jazz Team took to the floor with their Avatar inspired routine. The music and rhythm of the dance gave clues to the theme and by the end of the dance the audience had figured out the story it told. The team performed despite some earlier disruptions to their music but took it all in their stride and put on a seemingly effortless performance that flowed together with great energy.

Many of the dancers also partake in the cheer routines as well so a quick wardrobe change was needed before the All Girl Cheer Team set out to perform their newly choreographed routine. Having placed 1st at their previous competition the girls have improved on their routine to test their limits and introduced a newer and higher level of skills. Unfortunately the music refused to work but the girls put on their brave faces and did the whole routine to the counts instead, the audience was able to hear what all cheerleaders become accustomed to… only ever counting up to 8. The audience was truly supportive and the routine was met with loud cheers for their efforts! The girls were able to repeat their routine once the music had been fixed and it proved to be another performance to be proud of. All Girl Stunt is comprised of five girls who perform a fast-paced routine for little over one minute. Despite not having much practice at their new routine the girls put on a thrilling performance for the audience to enjoy with some gasps along the way seeing how high the girls were flung into the air. The showcase provided an extra practice session for the girls before they competed in Leeds on March 12.

Next up were the RH Tom Cats Hip Hop Team. Having placed 1st at their previous competition and won the Dance Grand Champions Trophy on two consecutive days the girls were set to wow the audience with their moves and they certainly delivered. With cheeky smiles and a great attitude the girls played the part well through their money inspired dance. The routine was quick and energetic yet the great timing from the team led to yet another impeccable performance. Next weekend we hope for another award winning routine!

Finally it was the turn of our Co-Ed Cheer Team! A last minute injury during the run-through prior to the show case left the team having to think on their feet to remember the new adjustments. Sheer dedication from the Tom Cats injured president Becky McVittie allowed the show to go on, as she stepped up to the challenge and performed in the final minutes of the routine allowing the team to wow the audience with their skillful pyramid. The team put on a great performance with highly in sync dancing and ambitious tumbling skills, having also altered their routine to introduce higher level stunts for the forthcoming competition. It was a sight to see and the audience welcomed it will cheers and encouragement for those being held high in the air in their new stunts.

All of the teams performed incredibly throughout the showcase allowing RH Tom Cats to show off the skills they are proud of! Being able to banish the stereotypical view of girls with pom poms the teams impressed the audience with their stunts and, together with their supporters, were able to raise a staggering £205 for Cancer Research.

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