A new and improved Englefield Green for the Olympics

In preparation for the 2012 Olympics, the Runnymede Council have been busy planning a remodelling of Englefield Green. The rowing and canoe teams will be moving into an Olympic Village at Royal Holloway during the event. The games will take place in Dorney Lake at Eton College near Windsor.

Before the teams arrive, the Council plans to spend £270,000 on ‘environmental improvements’. The money will go towards replacing the streetlights with heritage lampposts, improving the state of the pavements and expanding the car park on St Jude’s Road. It has been agreed that these will all be positive changes for Englefield Green. However, many of the villagers believe the money could be better spent.

Currently, the village has no post office, no bank and no public toilets. According to the villagers, this is what the council should aim to provide in Englefield Green. Another popular request, especially amongst mothers, is for a larger playing area for children. Others have suggested a new, more comprehensive health centre.

The Council met on Thursday 3rd March to discuss their plans. In response to the villagers, county councillor, Marisa Heath, said “We all want to improve our village and this is a way of doing that. We will continue to lobby for positive additions like a new post office, banks and an ATM, but the power to get those things is not in the hands of the council but with business seeing a need and viability.” The final decisions reached at the meeting have not yet been published.


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