Website accidentally labels Englefield Green the second most burgled place in Britain

A road located in Englefield Green has incorrectly been listed on a new crime-mapping website as the second most crime ridden spot in the country in an embarrassing blunder for a new website, in the first week it has gone live.

The new website, went live on Tuesday, February 1st and has been designed to allow the public to see the number of recorded crimes in the area they live, ranging from anti-social behaviour to burglaries. The site was featured in many national news reports during the first week of February, with much attention focusing on an apparent crime “hotspot” on a rather unremarkable looking road in Preston which topped the list in the whole of the United Kingdom for reported crimes.

In the case of student heavy Englefield Green, the site suggested that Kingswood Close was the second most burgled street in the UK, although, when later contextualised it became apparent that the somewhat surprising ten recorded incidents referred to on the crime map, referred to the one same incident which in reality took place at Kingwood Hall on December 22. Robert Nield, Runnymede Neighbourhood Inspector added, “Although only one property was broken into this was a building with multiple occupants. In total the offenders gained access to ten rooms within the one building and as there were ten separate victims.”

The Englefield Green error was not the only stutter in the launching of the new website. On the day of its launch, so many people logged on throughout England and Wales that the site remained crashed for much of the day, however a spokeswoman for the site insisted, “we are delighted with the response which shows how popular this information is with the public.”

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