Third Royal Holloway student attacked in two months

Another RHUL student has been attacked near Egham train station, prompting the college to issue a safety warning.

The incident took place Thursday January 27 at approximately 6pm near the junction of Rusham Road and Station Road. There, the male student was accosted from behind by three men, who, after being refused his phone, struck him and ran off with his bag. This follows two incidents at the end of the Autumn Term.

The College issued this statement: ‘Whilst Egham remains a very safe area we take the safety and security of our students extremely seriously and advice on personal safety is regularly emphasised by the college and Students’ Union.

Personal safety alarms are made available to students and we have been reiterating the importance of sticking to well lit routes home, not walking alone and using the college bus service where possible.’

Of the three suspects, one was described as black, one as Asian and one as white. The first was said to be wearing a black Nike tracksuit and to be about 5ft 7ins. The second was wearing a dark blue Nike tracksuit and was described as being around 5ft 11ins. The first was described as being about 6ft and wearing a white hoodie. All were said to speak with southern accents.

DC Ash Mullem, the lead detective of the investigation, called the attack ‘vicious and cowardly.’ The local Neighbourhood Sergeant Iain Weaving advised RHUL students ‘to walk in groups and try to avoid walking alone in the hours of darkness and to report any unusual or suspicious activity to police’.

However, there are some areas for students – for example Kingswood – which are simply not accessible by lit paths, which causes frustration and worries for some students, and often precipitates the route being attributed the nervously-joking label of ‘rape alley’.


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