Student bedsit controversy

Plans for the creation of 129 student bedsits in Egham Hill have been described by a panel as possibly causing a ‘major trouble spot.’ A hearing took place on 15 February at Runnymede Civic Centre, where developer the Ternion appealed against the decision to deny the right to build these student bedsits, which would provide accommodation at 61 and 71 Egham Hill.

The plans had been scaled down from a flat arrangement with car parking spaces and management offices because of fears this would ‘change the face of Egham Hill’ by creating a domino effect for future developments. Ternion, Runnymede Council, Royal Holloway University and a group of concerned residents presented their respective cases to the hearing, however a conclusive decision is yet to be made.

Many residents feared that the creation of the accommodation could lead to a loss of privacy, trees and cause increased noise pollution. One resident said: ‘To plonk 129 students in the middle of a residential area is going to cause friction right from the start. I see this as a major trouble spot, no matter how you wrap it up.’

With an inspection of these raised concerns underway, it seems everyone will have to wait until mid-March to find out the final decision.


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