Rare Diseases Day

Living up to its high standards in research, Royal Holloway played an integral role in raising awareness of Rare Disease Day which took place on Monday February 28 by revealing technology designed to help with the treatment of incurable diseases.

The day which aims to aid technological advancement in finding cures for Parkinson’s, muscular dystrophy, blindness and more was marked with lectures, exhibitions and allowing visitors access to the science laboratories here on campus in Egham. Lecturers included organiser of the day, Rafael Yanez and Professor Phillip Beesley, Dean of Science.

George Dickson, professor of molecular biology, and an expert in gene therapy, said: ‘Royal Holloway is a centre of excellence in scientific research into rare diseases and the discovery of experimental treatments. We are celebrating wonderful partnerships between patient groups, hospitals and university research teams, which are beginning to bear fruit in many areas. Public and government are crucial to get new treatments through to the clinic.’

Such high praise of the event held on campus only goes further to affirm Royal Holloway’s place as one of the leading academic institutes of research in the country.


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