LSE breaks links with Gadaffis

The London School of Economics has decided to cancel a research program that was partly funded by Seif al-Islam Gadaffi, son of the Libyan leader, Moammar Gadaffi. The decision to cancel this program was based on the recent violence against civilian protestors in Libya. In Tripoli and the surrounding area, unarmed citizens have been attacked and soldiers who refused to fire have been executed.

Seif al-Islam Gadaffi completed a doctorate at the LSE in 2009. Later that year, The Gadaffi International Charity and Development Foundation, a charity that he runs, donated £1.5 million to the LSE for a North African research program. However, the university has been forced to reconsider its connections with the Libyan regime and has suspended the program. It is now looking at severing other links such as those that help fund scholarships.

Student Rights, a London organisation, has asked that the LSE use the money that it has received from Gadaffi to help protect the people of Libya from his father’s regime. The fraction of the funds that has been received so far has mostly been spent on research and publications. The LSE council will decide how to spend the remainder of the money.


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