It has emerged that a conservation group concerned with maintaining the character of Englefield Green are facing a new battle against Cala Homes.

The Englemad Group originally formed in 2006 to fight the decision to demolish a popular Bed and Breakfast in Tite Hill. Resulting from their actions, the application was rejected on two occasions by Runnymede Council, and now the group are facing a new challenge: Cala Homes wish to build three detached houses on the same sight. Needless to say, the group have wasted no time in organising their protest.

Campaigner Andrew Slipper reiterated the group’s feelings that ‘many people are genuinely concerned about protecting the existing character of Englefield Green.’ He added that the proposal by the property develop was a mistake and would be ‘overbearing’, ‘cramped’ and ‘out of character’.

Unsurprisingly Cala Homes have stated that they believe this to be an appropriate development for the better in a ‘sustainable location’. Nevertheless, the Englemad Group will not give up in their campaign and lack no enthusiasm in the battle that lay ahead of them.


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