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Colours Ball 2011 Winners

Click here for list of winners at Colours Ball 20th March, 2011.

Half Colours:

Basketball: Jocelyn Lau, Levke Rickmers

Boat: Georgina Kerr, Lance Johnson, Emily Gardiner, Kirsty Scott

Cheer: Doug German, Ellis Larson, Emma Proctor, Rupert Dickinson

Fencing: Jacquelynne Bowers, Jennifer McGeever

Netball: Chloe Nkomo, Olivia Pitt, Claire Nineham, Cassandra Goodfellow, Emma Gray, Issy Neal-Hooke, Ashleigh Barber

Cricket: Jake Wells

Hockey: Elizabeth Scanlan, Ben Sibthorpe, Laurens Noten, Peter Bromfield, Rosanna White, Mike Baker, Lisenne Hillen

Men’s Football: Tom Pratt, Greg Molford

Men’s Rugby: Andrew Wilkie, Adam McCulloch, Duncan Eaglesham

Lacrosse: Claire Neale, Katherine Bentz, Kirsty Skinner, Mark Winter, Max Parker

Swim: Edward Schlesinger, Jonathon Brankin

Women’s Football: Sophie Dand, Ellie Bryans

Women’s Rugby: Grace Shaw, Heather Anning, Natalie Kahn

Ultimate: Stephen Dorrian, James Budnik


Full Colours:

Cheerleading: Marie Duffy, Amber Hillier, Becky McVittie, Georgina Xuereb

Men’s Football: Andrew Wright

Hockey: Madeline Mortimer

Men’s Rugby: Humphery Hodgeson, Ben Baylay

Netball: Holly Alexander

Women’s Football: Annie Marsh, Krissie Glover, Liz Prollins

Women’s Rugby: Rachel Dark, Sophie Waight

Lacrosse: Ryan Gisborne-Weare



Sportsman of the Year: Darren March

Sportswoman of the Year: Fiona Jones


Club of the Year: Cheerleading        

Team of the Year: Women’s Football


Frank Grimes Cup: Grace Shaw


Athletic Union Crest: Coming soon!



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