Svensson Says…

One week people! ONE weeks! Until what, you say? The biggest sports event of the year! The Oscars of RHUL Sports! – Colours Ball, of course! This red carpet (well…) event takes place near Heathrow by the end of March and the campus is buzzing all over about nominations. Nominees’ lists have been submitted by the clubs, but haven’t yet, in writing this, reached my curious hands. I remember Colours Ball clearly (…bits of it at least) last year and it’s a fantastic event where the university gets to acknowledge and reward the most outstanding athletic performances of the year. There’s food, there’s wine, there’s a bar and a dance floor – what more could you need?

Last year basketball brought down the house and snatched Team of the Year, Club of the Year, the Frank Grimes trophy via Julian Bailes, and several individual honours for both Half- and Full Colours. That was then. This year, the situation is less certain and it will definitely be a thrilling evening. Before the official nominations are out, let’s do what every dignified newspaper must do before this kind of event – SPECULATE!

Top teams standing order this Tuesday is as follows: 1. Women’s Hockey 2nds , 2. Women’s Football 1st, 3. Women’s Hockey 2nds (ULU) , 4. Men’s Squash 1st , 5. Women’s Fencing 1st. Girl Power in the top list to say the least! Looks like Women’s Hockey definitely are up for a potential Team of the Year with two top-5 placements. Hockey actually hold 5 out of the top 30 placements in the whole university (all women’s teams) so is it possible we are looking at a double header for Hockey, just like we saw Basketball do in 2010? For individual performances, there are a lot to choose from. For example our STARS students in Emily Moss, Jennifer McGeever and Darren March have all had excellent results this season, only to mention a few. It’ll be a tight one!

In the end, Colours Ball is an opportunity for the sports clubs to get together and celebrate each other’s successes from the year and enjoy, what usually turns out to be, a crazy night – win or lose. It’s already sold out, so it should be colourful indeed. I’ve got my outfit sorted already – do you?

Stay tuned with The Founder Sports for the official list of nominees!

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