RH Tom Cats win in Loughbourough

On Saturday 19th February the RH Tom Cats set off on their journey to Loughborough for a competition. First to hit the stage was the Tom Cats’ Hip Hop team. The girls performed with great attitude and enthusiasm despite the early start and their moves got the crowd going. Their performance followed the theme of “Money” and the story unfolded through a combination of their dancing and the song lyrics. The girls put on an exhilarating routine and their efforts paid off as they were awarded the first place trophy for Senior Hip Hop.

After the thrills of seeing Hip Hop perform it was time for Jazz. The routine based on the theme of “Avatar” was perfected with imaginative costumes and make up to give the audience a real sense of wonder. The routine was well performed by all; the music interchanged between being gentle and dramatic allowing a range of leaps, jumps and motions both fast and slow, which engaged the audience with the story telling. The Jazz group earned a well deserved 3rd place trophy. The competition also offered the chance for the dance teams to win the Grand Champions trophy for the highest scoring routine overall. The RH Tom Cats Hip Hop team was awarded the Grand Champions trophy, met with huge cheers from the squad.

Moving on from dance we had two stunt team: first to compete was the Co-Ed stunt team. With high level stunts and great excitement coming from the team, their routine was executed impeccably. Hard work once again paid off as the team was awarded the first place trophy! Next to go was the All-Girl stunt team. Their highly ambitious routine was enjoyable to watch and success with their stunts was well received by the audience and fellow team mates. The girls were up against tough competition this year, but another top-3 placement was awarded to the RH Tom Cats as they received the third place trophy!

The last part of the day was dedicated to cheer routines. With a team made up mainly of Freshers, the girls have been working hard in training to perfect all of their stunts. The stresses of the day were taking their toll, especially for those who were performing for the first time, but a pep talk from Coach Amber provided just what the girls needed to focus and get ready to enjoy themselves on the mats. Some energetic dances and their team mates cheering from the sideline proved a recipe for success, and the girls placed 3rd out of seven teams! Finally, to end the competition for the RH Tom Cats, the Co-Ed cheer team hit centre stage. Their routine had been drilled hard in the previous weeks and the whole team had worked out of hours to make sure their individual performances were the best they could be. High level stunts were seen from this team, with some tumbling and fast-paced dancing; their smiling, animated faces were a sight to see! The Co-Ed team was duly rewarded with the first place trophy!

A successful day for the RH Tom Cats set us all up for an even better day of competition on the Sunday. Hip Hop once again performed an impeccable routine. The girls performed incredibly and it wasn’t long before we had the results; another first place trophy to take home and the Grand Champions trophy again! Jazz were next to perform, spurred on by their trophy from the day before they performed with even more perfection. To top an already successful morning, the Jazz team scored highly and was presented with the first place trophy. Next to compete were the stunt teams. Co-ed’s high level stunts and cheeky spirits were once again rewarded with the first place trophy! All-Girl had a tough performance to follow but they scored highly and were congratulated with a first place trophy!

Cheer teams were last to compete once again. The All-Girl squad first, their routine was well received by the audience and they were cheered throughout, giving all the girls the determination they needed and led to a first place trophy! Finally, Co-Ed cheer went up. With many members having already competed that morning, combined with the lack of sleep, it was a hard task to improve on their incredible performance from the day before. Nevertheless, all members of the team went out with huge smiles on their faces and worked as hard as ever to keep their stunts up high in the air. The team had put on a great performance, and received a fourth place trophy to add to the Tom Cats collection.

The hectic and dramatic weekend had not come without its successes, and the RH Tom Cats returned back to Egham with a hoard of 7 first place trophies. The whole team had a great weekend and coped well with some stressful situations. Everyone is now looking forward to our next competition where we’re hoping to bring back even more trophies!

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