Love to Make Noise @ Tommy’s Bar, 24th February 2011

An LTMN event is never an event to be missed. As the sole provider of quality live alternative music at Holloway, each show is awaited with restless anticipation by the small but dedicated band of music and vintage clothing lovers that make their way to Tommy’s bar for the society’s latest offering.

This night offered a broad selection of music, opening with Roho’s finest, Famous Dutch Players. The band have been making a name for themselves playing house parties in the area with their special brand of extra tight math rock showcasing the excellent chemistry between their guitarist and drummer who lock into a trance of musical precision that builds until even the most stubborn of arm-folded gig-goers find themselves nodding their heads.
Tonight they were joined by two new members manning keys and vocals which added an extra dimension to the sound that made make the transition from lounge to bar a logical one.
The heavily processed and looped vocals added a previously absent lead element to the original line-up and was somewhat reminiscent of Animal Collective at their most hypnotic.

Pre-uni aged indie-pop outfit Evans the Death followed after and played an excellent set of up tempo and catchy pop songs that fell somewhere between The Smiths and Los Campesinos! in their combination of jangly guitar work, lyrical attention and a solid grounding in non-too aggressive punk.
The band is propelled by the charismatic front woman Katherine Whitaker whose brief but welcome stage banter and distinctive voice helped make for another excellent set.

Brassica followed LTMN headliner tradition by being both electronic and the eldest in the room playing an intense set of precise rhythmic electronica that occasionally dropped into a heavy grinding bassline that had the room ecstatically bobbing away as the vastness of the sound threatened to dwarf Tommy’s bar.
The set might have been a little on the short side but the quality more than made up for the quantity.
As ever the in house DJ’s were on top form soundtracking the mid-set cigarette breaks with perhaps strangely a selection of 60’s tunes.

Shame to all supposed music lovers who weren’t in attendance that night as for one evening only Holloway was a little bit cooler.

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