RHUL Bears Basketball clean for a good cause

For the Big Spring Clean, the RHUL Bears Basketball club took a team of twelve powerful hands, and six powerful brains, to the ‘Age Concern’ center for the greatly challenging task of cleaning minibuses. We met at twelve in front of the Student’s Union, to be handed our buckets, sponges, goggles and other such accessories. In the safe hands of Ian’s (men’s Captain) driving, we set off toward Thorpe Park – and sadly passed it.  Arrival at the Centre: half past noon on the dot.

The Age Concern Centre is located in Chertsey, and on arrival one would never have thought you were about ten minutes away from Egham – it was just too pretty and peaceful! Definitely not a place where students could be attacked or mugged; so, having read The Founder lately, it was quite comforting!

Back to the point: on arriving there we encountered a lovely man named Pete who gave us our instructions on the specifics on cleaning minibuses. Apparently there is a certain order.

With everyone doing a separately assigned job, we put our cleaning gadgets to use and began this so called ‘Spring Volunteering’. To some, it’s just a bit of fun and a good name on your CV. Nevertheless, volunteering is actually a great team-building experience, it definitely gave us a few laughs, some time to catch up and bring us closer together as a team. Cleaning minibuses is the perfect ‘full package’ of what volunteering stands for. We got soaked, muddy and messy – and even got to appear in a local newspaper looking quite ridiculous, but hey, all publicity is good publicity, right?

We hovered, brushed and mopped the inside of the two buses, cleaned the windows. Last but not least, and definitely the best; we cleaned the muck off the outside of the buses, using sponges and a hose, which you can probably tell was the source of most of our fun. It took a good part of the afternoon to finish cleaning. To end the day off, we went for a nice, cheap and quick meal in Shanghai. Sadly, in Staines, not China.

It was great. The Big Spring Clean can definitely count on the Basketball team being ‘hands-at-the-ready’, next time.

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