L.U.B.E – i.e. the London Universities Bouldering Event – is a new student-led climbing event for universities from all over the country and our very own Royal Holloway Mountaineering and Climbing Society is currently competing in it.

With over a hundred and fifty climbers and experienced teams from many different universities, this event is highly competitive and provides an excellent opportunity for us to show everybody what a great team of climbers we have here at Royal Holloway.

The competition as a whole consists of 4 rounds, held at different locations across London: from the Craggy centre in Sutton to the Arch Climbing Centre in central London. Each university enters two teams of three climbers for each round as well as individual climbers who want to enter into the solo competition.  You gain points for the number of successful climbs you complete but the points decrease depending on the number of times you try to complete a route so it is just as much about the tactics as the stamina.

So far three rounds have been completed and we are pleased to say that our teams are doing really well. Our A-team currently holds the highly respectable grand total of 1,293 points and our B-team, another tremendous total of 1,184. This puts us in the top 15 universities in the whole competition. Special congratulations should be awarded to Jack Appleby and Chris Stroud who, competing individually, have achieved outstanding scores of 506 and 478 across the first three rounds and are, quite deservedly, currently ranked 18th and 23rd in the whole competition – and that is out of over 100 climbers! Congratulations should also go to Heather Rumble who is leading our female climbers with the number 22 spot.

We would really like to thank everyone for getting involved and competing, as it is the first time that our university has been involved in such an exciting climbing and bouldering event and we want to wish our team members ‘good luck’ for the final round, which will be held at the Arch on Saturday 5th March.

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