Epic Battle against SOAS ends in defeat for RHUL Squash

It was a sad day this past Monday for RHUL Squash as the ULU 2nd team’s undefeated streak of 5 games came to a bitter end. The other undefeated team in the league, SOAS 1st team, journeyed to RHUL so the two leaders could battle it out for the top spot; whoever won would most likely go on to win the league. Hagen Brümmer (5) began proceedings by taking on a confident player, and despite pushing himself to limit (which included punching a wall!) he fell to a 3-0 defeat. Meanwhile on the other court, Ben Hine (1) began weakly, letting the 1st game slip away rapidly. However, after an intense team talk with Julie, came back in the second to level the game 1-1. The opponent pushed back and took the third game, and it became a make or break situation in the 4th, coming to 9-9 with both players losing a game point in turn, before a cheeky hard serve forced Ben out and the match was sealed 10-9, 3-1. With two losses it was up to the remaining 3 players to try and battle back for RHUL and Johnny Chapman (4) and Jason Dunn (2) took their games in style, both winning 3-0. The match score stood at 2-2 and Callum Chaplin (3) stood up to the plate and delivered a fantastic performance, but unfortunately, despite his best efforts, the opponent was too strong and won 3-0, after 3 close games with a game point for RHUL in the third. RHUL ULU 2nd team lost 3-2, and dip to an 85.71 win rate. The captain, Jason, had this to say “At the end of the day we still have 3 games to play and a cup run to finish, so it’s time to focus on the positives of a great season and move on from this as soon as possible”. Wise words.

In other Squash fixtures this week, the Men’s 2nd team journeyed to Brunel to face their thirds. Callum Chaplin (3) managed to pull back from 2-0 down to 2-2, only to lose 11-9 in the fifth, but should take away some great experience from the match. Ben Hine (2) and Rory Voake (1) both lost 3-0 after making one too many unforced errors and will be looking to really improve on control in training this week.

Some better news to finish with and the Men’s 1st team secured a solid 4-1 win over Reading 2nd team this week, creating a 7:1 (win:loss) ratio for the season so far (87.5%). Charlie Bruinvels (5), Jonny Eyles (4), Arran Waterman (3) and Jamie Pearce (2) all put their skills to the test and performed well, especially Jonny and Charlie who were taken from the second team as other players were unable to play. Adam Robin (1) provided the only loss and will surely be looking to improve rapidly to ensure cup success against Essex next week.

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