Student Union Election Results

Daniel Cooper, Katie Blow, Sarah Honeycombe and Jake Wells elected as SURHUL Sabbatical Officers 2011-12.

SURHUL President-Elect Daniel Lemberger Cooper

President: Daniel Lemberger Cooper

VPEW: Katie Blow

VPCC: Sarah Honeycombe

VPSA: Jake Wells

Student Trustee: Doug German

In an extremely close and controversial election, the new SURHUL Sabbatical Officers have been selected.

In descending order of votes, here is a rundown of the results by position:

President: Daniel Cooper, Nicholas Stylianou, Rhiannon French, Charlie Pagliero, Richard Cable, Guy Dunkley

VPEW: Katie Blow, David Cobb, Kieran Miles

VPCC: Sarah Honeycombe, Claudia Wilopo, Ben Parfitt

VPSA: Jake Wells, Sam Fry, Brian Seremba, Gemma Gouyette

Student Trustee: Doug German

Positions were often decided by a handful of votes, the VPComCam position in particular being a neck and neck race between Claudia Wilopo and Sarah Honeycombe until the third and final round. Voter turnout was on average approximately 13.6%, however, this election has been marred by complaints of a malfunctioning online ballot system, and accusations of ill-practise amongst certain candidates.

The Founder will follow soon with interviews with the winners, and further details.

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