Lady Bears Basketball secure BUCS 1A placement

It would all come down to the final game of BUCS League 1A: what would RHUL Lady Bears Basketball’s fate be this season? The possible outcomes ranged from relegation playoff to promotion playoff for Premiership this Wednesday. Sussex beat the ladies last term with 10+ points and our Royal Holloway players were starving for revenge. As the Little Red Riding Hood came to the Big Bad Wolf, RHUL welcomed Sussex to Nobles for the very last BUCS fixture this season. After 40 minutes of munching, Sussex was defeated 42-33.

Royal Holloway could hardly ask for a better opening of the game. Kristine Flyvholm and Levke Rickmers brought the team to a 7-0 lead within the first four minutes and the game looked promising. After a cautious first quarter, the score stood 11-8 to the home team. The second quarter looked very much like the first, and Holloway struggled to score on a static Sussex defence. Jocelyn spotted up on the three-point line and Alice Couten began her scoring to bring the half-time score to 24-20. Both Head Coach Natasha Green and her players knew they could perform so much better than the first twenty minutes had shown.

So, third quarter, and the ladies had really worked up an appetite. They devoured Sussex with 13-0 in the scope of barely five minutes and got themselves a comfortable 11-point lead after strong hustling from Iv Christova under the basket. Shanty Cheung found empty space in the fast-breaks and Holloway could run from a successively slower Sussex who could not quite keep up with the quick Bears.

Going into the fourth quarter – the last ten minutes of BUCS – the red figures on the wall showed 38-27 to our ladies. What happened in this final part of the game probably puzzles anyone who had come to watch. Perhaps the ladies had started to digest their victory a bit too early, but the basket seemed impossible to reach and RHUL only managed to put in 4 points. Luckily, Sussex’s shooter failed in their attempt and stayed on a feeble 6.

Scorers: Kristine Flyvholm 15, Shanty Cheung 11, Jocelyn Lau 9, Levke Rickmers 6, Alice Couten 6, Iv Christova 4

With 42-33, Royal Holloway Lady Bears finish on 21 points and second place in BUCS South-Easter Conference 1A. University of Kent placed top with 24 points after UCL kindly gave them a walkover, thereby automatically giving Kent the win. Both Kent and Royal Holloway were promoted from 2A last year.

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