A cracking Wednesday for RHUL Squash

RHUL Squash marched onwards in all of their campaigns this Wednesday with key wins putting the club in continued high spirits. At home, the Men’s 1st team hosted Brunel, a team with which they have a stormy past, and were looking to continue their unbeaten run of five games. Brunel inflicted the team’s only loss of this season so far in the first game of the year, where they surprised the boys with a strong 4-1 win, so the firsts were out for blood today and were looking to take advantage of being on home soil.  Simon Green (5) put in a good effort but lost 3-1 against a really tough number 5, whilst Tim, Scarfe (4) used all his experience from playing in leagues in Egham and Windsor to secure his 3-1 victory over the number 4, placing the teams at 1-1. Arran Waterman (3) and Jamie Pearce (2) “a.k.a Mr Reliable” put in solid and consistent performances to push the overall score to 3-1 with 3-0 wins each. This made Adam Robin’s (1) game a formality on paper, but in order for RHUL to jump to top of the league, a 4-1 win was needed. Unfortunately, Adam could not capitalise on the no-pressure situation and lost 3-0, but a 3-2 win against Brunel 1st team is still a major achievement and the lads should be commended. Jamie Pearce had this to say ‘a hard fought win with signs that this team can push on for a cup win, even if the top of the table is out of reach.’

The ULU 2nd team travelled into London to face LSE ULU 3rd team to defend their current 100% win rate and their position at top of the league. After facing the 4th team and coming out with a 5-0 victory, the players felt confident that the momentum was with them for this particular match up. Elliot Rawstron (5), Callum Chaplin (4), and Johnny Chapman (3) all cleaned up with superb 5-0 victories, showing that they are really paying attention in training (!) and converting that to some really slick moves on court. Jason Dunn (2) struggled in the 3rd game, whilst 2-0 up, due to a dodgy call by the ref, but came back strong in the 4th to provide a 3-1 win and a 4-0 lead.  Ben Hine (1) put in the only disappointing performance, allowing a different technique to upset his game, and not being able to capitalise on a key opportunity in the 3rd game, leading to a quick 3-0 loss. After the game he commented that “the calmness of everyday play was just not there and I have a lot to work on, but I really think I can deliver in our upcoming games”. But overall the ULU 2nd team are keeping a good momentum ahead of facing the upper end of the league below them, and their quarter final match up with UCL 2nd team.

The Women’s 1st team travelled away to SOAS for their last league game of the season, looking, more than anything, to ‘suss out’ their opponents ahead of an almost certain cup match up. Rachel Smith (4), Sofiya Sosyedka (3) and Laura Goswell (2) all lost, 3-0, 3-2 and 3-1 respectively, whilst Julie Peachey (1) maintained her 3 and a half year unbeaten record with a 3-0 win, putting the match score at 3-1 in favour of SOAS. Despite the loss, the team are only looking ahead, and are looking to use what they have learned about their rivals to hopefully overcome them in the cup and reach a third final in 3 years.

As well as great competition results, RHUL Squash is also still recovering from the shock of their huge RAG success in RAG week last week. On Friday 29th January, several members of the squash club undertook ‘The RHUL Bears Squash Ninja challenge” and spent the day on campus collecting money in buckets in aid of StreetInvest, the designated RAG charity this year, all whilst dressed in full ninja costumes. In total, the club raised £490.66 on the day, and, added to the RAG auction of Michael Krayenhoff, Hagen Brümmer and Mauricio Izquierdo of £45, the grand total raised was £535.66; making RHUL Squash the number one RAG contributor this year!! A big thank you to everyone who contributed and huge congratulations to Rory Voake and Rachel Smith who individually raised £96.86 and £101.55 respectively. RHUL Squash is on a roll with no signs of stopping any time soon!

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