RHUL Lacrosse take down King’s

After having many matches postponed due to adverse weather conditions the team was really looking forward to the match. So far in the league we had had it fairly easy so we knew that this would be our first real test. After playing our alumni the day before in a very close match (5-4 to us) we knew we would have to step up our game for Kings.

The first draw was won by us, which was soon followed by our first goal just minutes into the first quarter. This first goal gave us the confidence boost we needed and soon the goals came flooding in. Defence was so strong that the Kings players had difficulty even getting close to the goal and when they did the pressure was so great that few of their shots were on target. However Kings being the team that they are they weren’t going to give up with out a fight. Even though we were winning 7-0 it wasn’t enough to guarantee a win.

The first draw of the second half the draw was won by Kings and a goal was almost immediately won against us. After that defence regrouped and Kings weren’t able to score again, even though their attack had stepped up considerably.

A special mention should go to Matt Eccles our man of the match. Although always a useful player, Matt transformed his game and scored a hat trick before getting a rather nasty head injury during the 3rd quarter.

However from the final score (14-1) it is clear to see that every single member of the team deserves to be congratulated.

Next Sunday we look forward to meeting Imperial the last years champions of the league. However after this weekends performance I’m sure we will give them a good game!

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