RHUL Bears Squash Club successful so far

RHUL Bears Squash Club is looking unstoppable this season, with the whole club performing at the top of their game. The men’s 1st team is hot on the heels of the South Eastern Conference 2A division league leaders with a current 83.3% win rate, and a cup run that sees them in the quarter finals against Essex on the 16th February in South Eastern Conference Cup. They are currently 5th in the RHUL team rankings and only look stronger as they go forward to their fixture next week against arch-rivals Portsmouth. Adam Robin, Jamie Pearce, Arran Waterman, Tim Scarfe and Simon Green are providing quite the master class by which we all look to learn from in the club.

The women’s 1st team is also on excellent form and have already secured their place in the semi-finals against either Reading or SOAS in the South Eastern Women’s conference cup. This is due to their excellent league form, with a current 80% win rate, and current 7th place University wide ranking. RHUL Squash icon Julie Peachey still holds her 100% undefeated streak lasting over 3 years and Laura Goswell has responded as captain excellently this year. Onto ULU now and the ULU 1st team are exceeding all expectations by reigning triumphant in the Men’s Premier Divison, leading the table, and gaining significant wins against nationally ranked teams such as Imperial 1st team. With a modest win rate of 60%, placing them at 16th in the University rankings, they are brimming with confidence as they enter the second half of the season, now with ambitions not of clinging onto a place in this division but of winning it.

ULU 2nd team are the real star performers this season though, as they currently boast a 100% win rate placing them joint top of the University rankings and they have the Men’s Reserve Cup firmly in their sights. Consistent performances from Ben Hine, Jason Dunn, Callum Chaplin, Jon Davies and Johnny Chapman, with support from the reserve players Hagen Brümmer, Mike Krayenhoff, Mauricio Izquierdo and Elliott Rawstron, put the boys firmly on top of the league, the tables and with high ambitions for the remaining games. If they can get past UCL ULU 2nd team in the next round, the cup looks well within reach. So with Squash occupying 4 of the top 16 places in the university, with 3 cup runs (including a quarter and semi-final), and with strong positions in 4 leagues, the club is in fantastic shape to have one of the best years the club has ever seen.

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