UCL bites the dust (again)

The chant ‘UC-What?’ has become integral to our RHUL Lady Bears players as archrivals UCL once again stood opponents, this time in an all-important game for BUCS 1A. It has become something of standard procedure for the ladies to beat UCL, home or away of no importance. This time proved no different as Holloway took charge from the very beginning of the game, and achieved a final result of 60-66.

Jocelyn Lau set the tone for the game straight away with a three-pointer in the very first minute. It would take until the fifth minute for RHUL to score again and UCL could get ahead to 5-3. After that, however, the first quarter was a Holloway performance and it seemed as though the UCL players took a little break. Jocelyn Lau, Kristine Flyvholm and Alice Couten brought the ladies up to a four-point lead after the first quarter, but the game was far from over and done.

From their long and ugly history, the Bears knew UCL’s sneaky ways of wriggling their way back, and thanks to solid free-throw shooting, so was the case this time. Still ahead in half-time, 27-32, the game remained an undecided business and coach Tasha Green warned the ladies before the third quarter: statistically, and consistently, the weakest throughout the season. This is the point where games have been lost in the past. But not this time. The ladies took Green’s words with them on court and simply did not allow UCL to score. It took four minutes before the opposition found the basket and would another three before the next time. A fantastic team defence from RHUL kept UCL away and stopped their baseline hugging in search for points. 6 – 18 in the ten minutes placed the Bears 19 points ahead.

Was the game over? Not so fast: it’s UCL after all. With legs getting increasingly heavier, RHUL struggled to keep up with the quick passings and allowed an evidently slower UCL to score easy points. A time-out later, this weakness was fixed and the opponents had to rely on perimeter shooters instead. Unfortunately, everyone can have a lucky day. Two straight three-pointers, and the difference had gone down to 11 points, and further down to seven. A final free-throw set the score and Royal Holloway, once again, stood victorious.

RHUL Lady Bears have one game left in BUCS 1A: Wednesday vs Sussex.

Scorers: Kristine Flyvholm 20, Alice Couten 13, Jocelyn Lau 10, Levke Rickmers 6, Iv Christova 5, Shanty Cheung 5, Candice Moses 4, Vicky Bright 3

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