Alumni Sports Day 2011

The annual Alumni event at Royal Holloway took place this Saturday and saw previous students come back to their old courts to take on the new generation of Holloway athletes and prove that they represent the glory days of RHUL sports. In 2010, the current students won overall and claimed the shining Hancock Cup. Did the Alumni go back in January last year, bitter and defeated? Not at all. They went and practised and trained in order to return and make sure they did not leave without a trophy. However, with the current flow in our sports teams’ successes, the overall result came to 7-7 and the trophy is retained by the college due to previous year’s victory.

The Alumni came down to register in the early hours of the morning and games kicked off at noon and onwards. First out were football and rugby, where a fresh Women’s rugby team faced a strong Alumni squad which proved too difficult.

In basketball, the men looked surprisingly strong in the first half of the game and got to a 12-point lead through a tight defence and hustling for the rebounds under the baskets. The rivalry between current students and Alumni was apparent and the men did everything they could to stop the significantly taller visitors – and quite successfully so. In the third quarter, however, Julian Bailes found his right element along the three-point line and played an important part in the comeback of the Alumni. Today’s Bears had to see themselves defeated.

Later on, women’s basketball took on a strong squad of Alumni girls with among others returning Thessy Garganese, one of the key players of 2008’s team. The teams stayed on equal scores for a long time before the current ladies utilised their inside players and the perimeter players found the basket from outside. Consistency aside, the ladies pulled through and finished the game 50-46 to the home team.

In the evening, the teams and Alumni gathered in Stumble Inn for the traditional barbeque and lingered on until the nightly hours for social and a good night out together.

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