RHUL Alumnus MP caught out in expenses scandal

An alumnus from Royal Holloway has become the latest casualty of the expenses scandal. David Chaytor, 61, graduated from Royal Holloway in 1970, and proceeded to embark on a teaching career having completed his Masters in Philosophy in 1979. The former Bury North MP has been forced to resign from his position after it was revealed to his constituents that he had been claiming up to £13,000 for a mortgage he had already paid off.

The Labour Party politician, originally from West Yorkshire, pleaded guilty to charges of false accounting on 3 December 2010 after having stepped down as an MP in June 2009, and has more recently been sentenced at Southwark Crown Court to eighteen months’ imprisonment.  However, Chaytor could be released as soon as the end of May under early-release rules for non-violent prisoners who pose a low risk.

Adamant that he had been unjustly treated, Chaytor told a local newspaper before sentencing that it was “not in my nature to roll over and die”, and that he would continue to fight for a fair hearing. Showing no apparent remorse for his illegitimate claims, he said that “throwing a few people to the wolves” will not solve deeper problems in the Parliamentary system.  However, once faced with overwhelming evidence to the contrary, Chaytor finally admitted to fraud.

The former Labour MP previously held senior posts at the Manchester College of Arts and Technology and Manchester College of Education. Chaytor is married with three children and also served as a councillor in Calderdale for 15 years until he became an MP in 1997.

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