Introducing The Founder on the iPhone

After a couple of weeks waiting with baited breath, Apple finally accepted The Founder app and put it up in the App Store (just before Christmas). In fact, I got the notification during the Board Christmas dinner giving everyone something to huzzah about.

I thought I’d just write a quick note to tell anyone who’s interested a bit about it (and I have some space to fill in this part of the newspaper).

Firstly, it’s the first iPhone app that I’ve built so it’s a bit of a guinea pig. The good news is I’m planning to keep working on it and improving it.

It feeds directly from The Founder website using RSS whenever the site’s updated. You can get all of the usual sections on it and we’re currently adding photos to the selection too. Enjoy it, download it and (most of all) rate it if you get a moment!

Finally, rest assured if you hate iPhones – Blackberry, Android and iPad apps are on the way.

Click here to be taken to the App Store to download our iPhone app

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