Thai boxing term review

After a term of training, RHUL Thai Boxing has gone from strength to strength. There has been a great deal of enthusiasm for training and many people have shown huge improvements over the last term. With two training sessions a week and the prospect of competing this coming term, this can only get better.

This year has seen the most new-comers in the last 3 years! Having spoken to them myself, everyone seems pleased with how the training is going, and even though a term is over we are still open for people who have never even tried martial arts before to get involved. We train on a Monday at 7:30pm at The Jurgens Centre, which is just up the road from The Happy Man, on a Thursday at 8:00pm in the Sports Hall and a 6.5km run on Sundays starting at the Student’s Union. As the Student’s Union is doing a re-fresher’s week the first week of the new term we are going to have an easier first week, so there has never been a better time to start if you haven’t already. Our first session this term is Monday 10th January, i.e. the first Monday back.

We are looking forward to seeing all the old faces and loads of new faces in the new term!

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