Suspected brothel raided opposite Egham police station

A flat above Egham High Street’s The Old Barber Shop was raided by officers who suspected it was being used as a brothel. The flat is opposite Egham police station.

In what becomes the fourth raid carried out under suspicion of the operation of prostitutes in Runnymede, two people were arrested on suspicion of running a brothel on Tuesday 16 November.

A neighbouring business owner said: ‘I have women and children coming in here, and the sounds coming from there are not very nice. And you used to see streams of blokes going round the back.

‘I have known about it for six months and I don’t like it.’

Neighbourhood Inspector Roger Nield conceded the social inevitability of such operations, saying: ‘Prostitution is a fact of life. However, it is also sufficiently uncommon that people tend to let us know when they come across it.

‘Prostitution or a brothel can destroy the amenity of an area.’

Under UK law, prostitution, defined as the act of exchange of sexual services for money, is in fact perfectly legal, but its associated activities such as kerb crawling, the running of a brothel and pimping are all outlawed.

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