RHUL pilots local ‘Apprentice’ initiative

Royal Holloway has initiated  its very own Apprentice style challenge aimed at local sixth formers. The Enterprise Challenge is being run in partnership with Mercedes Benz driving academy and will take place on the 1st December in Weybridge.

Fifty students from the local area will be given the opportunity to take part in an Apprentice-style task, such as designing a new product or service such as those often seen on the successful BBC show starring Lord Alan Sugar. To add extra pressure, the day will cumulate in the teams of young people pitching their ideas to a panel of expert judges after having come up with a marketing plan and competitive sales pitch for their new product or service.

The workshop will be taken by Dr Alex Reppel from Royal Holloway’s School of Management, who will also be helping to support the students through this challenging task. It is hoped that those taking part will benefit enormously from this one-off experience, especially given the support from such a renowned global company as Mercedes Benz. The task in question will include testing the participants’ powers of innovation and differentiation, communications and management, business analysis and decision making.

RHUL Deputy Principal Rob Kemp is thrilled to have such a prestigious company partnering this new event, saying, “We are absolutely delighted to be working in partnership with Mercedes-Benz to deliver this year’s enterprise challenge.”

The event has been given further support with the news that Alexander Hobbach Senior Manager from Business Innovation at Daimler, the parent company for Mercedes-Benz, will be flying over from Stuttgart to give a speech designed to inspire the students and set the task for the day. He said, “With experience of establishing Mercedes-Benz Driving Academy, our pioneering driving school, we are delighted to be involved with the event.”

With such a unique opportunity in place, students aspiring to follow in the footsteps of previous Apprentice candidates and Royal Holloway alumni such as Deborah Barr and Laura Moore, will be able to show their talent and business aptitude to the experts and perhaps one day perhaps even show Lord Sugar a thing or two.

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