Community Sports Day 2010

On Thursday 18th November 60 local school children came to campus for a RHULSPORT Community Sports Day. The pupils were invited to try four different sports in coaching sessions lead by Holloway Students. This year the sports available were: Lacrosse, Ultimate Frisbee, Basketball and Rugby. The idea of the day is to encourage the visiting children to take part in new activities, to get a taste of university life and to learn about the benefits of an active life.

The day was split into four one hour sessions where each child is able to try each sport. The rugby sessions were wild with the children being encouraged to practice their ‘war faces’ and they also played rugby netball, practiced passing drills and tackling the foam tackle pads.

Lacrosse was a mystery sport for most of the children but after few moments they seem to master the basics. After some stick work and catching the children practiced shooting.

Basketball involved some basic technique drills including dribbling and passing and then after a shooting drill the children were split in to teams and played a full court game. The highlight for most children in this session seemed to be having to do punishment push ups when the other team scored!

Ultimate Frisbee taught the children the rules of their sport and then practiced forehand and backhand throwing. They then set up a game which the children really threw themselves into battling hard to win.

After lunch STARS Student Fiona Jones gave a fantastic demonstration of her Judo Skills with the Judo Club President Katherine Williams. The children were fascinated by the skills that Fiona was able to show them and they asked her lots of questions about judo and her experiences.

One of the teachers who came with the children on the day said: “The coaching sessions were really well lead by Students, they dealt with the children so well and I was so pleased at the sense of achievement our children felt after the day, particularly the children who do not usually take part in or enjoy sport.”

The pupils thoroughly enjoyed the day and have sent a whole sack of fan mail for the volunteers. RHULSPORT would like to say a huge thank you to all the Students who volunteered their time to make the day happen.

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